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Question related to mission Unfair Dice


I got an error message when ran check on the web page for my scripts. It says: Your result: [] There are dice that can beat this one. Fail: checkio([3,3,3])

However, when I run the same script on pycharm 2018.1 community edition, it can pass and generate an output as [1, 4, 4]. My script is below. Can someone from checkio help check what's wrong? Thanks.

def divide(number, count, output=[], array = []):
    if count == 1:
        if array not in output:
            yield array
        for i in range(1,number):
            array_2 = array.copy()
            for i in divide(number - i, count - 1, output, array_2.copy()):
                yield i

def win(die_1, die_2):
    probabilities_1 = {i: die_1.count(i) / len(die_1) for i in set(die_1)}
    probabilities_2 = {i: die_2.count(i) / len(die_2) for i in set(die_2)}
    win_chances = 0
    lose_chances = 0
    for i in probabilities_1:
        for j in probabilities_2:
            if i > j:
                win_chances += probabilities_1[i] * probabilities_2[j]
            elif i < j:
                lose_chances += probabilities_1[i] * probabilities_2[j]
                pass # no need to take care of the equal case as it will turn out to be win or lose.

    if float("{0:.2f}".format(win_chances)) > float("{0:.2f}".format(lose_chances)):
        return True

def winning_die(enemy_die):
    for i in divide(sum(enemy_die), len(enemy_die)):
        if win(i, enemy_die):
            return i

    return []