• Converts New York to new york, when .capitalize()


My Code:

def correct_sentence(text: str) -> str:
        returns a corrected sentence which starts with a capital letter
        and ends with a dot.

Hi. As title says, my code fail "welcome to New York" and outputs "Welcome to new york."

I have no clue about what to change, any help appreciated

    # your code here
    text = text.capitalize()
    if not text.endswith('.'):
        text += '.'

    return text

if __name__ == '__main__':
    print(correct_sentence("greetings, friends"))

    # These "asserts" are used for self-checking and not for an auto-testing
    assert correct_sentence("greetings, friends") == "Greetings, friends."
    assert correct_sentence("Greetings, friends") == "Greetings, friends."
    assert correct_sentence("Greetings, friends.") == "Greetings, friends."
    assert correct_sentence("hi") == "Hi."
    print("Coding complete? Click 'Check' to earn cool rewards!")