• where is my python2.7


Hi guys. At the very beginning i choose version of python 2.7 and struggled with tasks in this branch. But recently i got to 'Dropbox' island 'Ethernet ring dimensioning' task and during task executing i got error: 'dict_items' object has no attribute 'remove'

It caused by (simplified) flows = {'AB':1, 'AC': 2} # have a dict flows = hop_list.items() # made it list lows.remove(['AB',1])

So, it works in python2.7 but does not in python3: python2.7 - dict.items() returns list of sets python3 - dict.items() returns dict_items data type

So, can i select the 'Ethernet ring dimensioning' tasks for python 2.7 Or i missed some notification and python2.7 has been disabled?