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Question related to mission None


def checkio(f, g): def h(args, *kwargs): try: f(args, *kwargs) except: return g(args, *kwargs), 'ferror' else: if f(*args, **kwargs) == None: return g(*args, **kwargs), 'ferror'

        g(*args, **kwargs)
        return f(*args, **kwargs), 'g_error'
        if g(*args, **kwargs) == None:
            return f(*args, **kwargs), 'g_error'

    if f(*args, **kwargs) == g(*args, **kwargs):
        return f(*args, **kwargs), 'same'
        return f(*args, **kwargs), 'different'
return h

the check result is: ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list, , 7, h, 17, , 9 find_message("f = lambda lst,rmv: [x for x in lst if x!=rmv]\ng = lambda lst,rmv: lst.remove(rmv) or lst\nc = checkio(f,g)\nresult = c([3,2,3,4,3],2)\n")

and I add the find_message into my code, the result run by pycharm is ValueError: list.remove(x): x not in list

How could I do?