• Calculate Island mission looks bugged


I would like to give some feedback about Calculate Island mission From: https://py.checkio.org/mission/calculate-islands/solve/

Tests look bugged, I have right resuls on my computer, I have right results in Tryit console, but keep getting error "TypeError: <class 'list'> is wrong data type" for the first test when I check my solution. Can't find what I'm doing wrong.

Here is my code:

import numpy as np

def colorize(arr, max_color, land_map):
    color = arr.max()
    if color == 1:
        color = max_color + 1

    for y in range(arr.shape[0]):
        for x in range(arr.shape[1]):
            if arr[y][x] == 1:
                arr[y][x] = color
            if 1 < arr[y][x] < color :
                land_map[:,:] = (land_map + (land_map == arr[y][x])*(color - arr[y][x]))[:,:]

    return color

def checkio(land_map):
    land_map = np.array(land_map)
    size_y, size_x = land_map.shape
    max_color = 1 
    for y in range(size_y):
        for x in range(size_x):
            if land_map[y][x] > 0:
                color = colorize(land_map[max(0,y-1):min(size_y,y+1)+1 , max(0,x-1):min(size_x,x+1)+1], max_color, land_map)
                max_color = max(color, max_color)

    island_sizes = []
    for i in range(2, max_color + 1):
        s = (land_map == i).sum()
        if s > 0:

    return sorted(island_sizes)


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