• high numbers

Question related to mission Oil Pie


This is the second task where i struggle with very high numbers. My Solutions are just realy Close to right but not exactly. I Managed to come over Test 3 in the "Extra" tests by simply shortening whenever i can. But now it Looks like i have shortened to often in test 4 in "Extra"?

Your result: [[2601065656869311,20436483378788840],"[2601065656869311.000000, 20436483378788840.000000]"]
Right result: [2.4183843043037004e+21,1.9001162276662056e+22]
Fail: divide_pie([-86,94,3,22,30,-63,72,64,-52,-98,93,-42,52,-35,-52,58,-5,90,70,76])

When i calculate the fractions in Excel i come to:

Right Solution: 1,90012E+22 / 2,41838E+21= 1,27E-01
my Solution: 2,04365E+16 / 2,60107E+15= 1,27E-01
right Solution - my Solution = 2,22E-16

I really don't know what to do anymore.