• Possible bugs on CheckiO?



Something just came to my attention while trying to review someone's code for Stair steps. When reviewing someone else's solution, I will want to on occasion check my own solution first. Usually, this involves going to the first page of the challenge and then clicking the Solve it button. When trying to do that with Stair steps, the page shows this popup saying that it is being blocked:

py.checkio.org says:

You need to open "Blizzard" station to solve this task

However, I have solved and published a solution for this challenge previously. Here is my First publication for the challenge. If a user has solved a challenge (and not necessarily published it), should they still be locked out of trying to solve it again or trying to view their code in that way? It was a little tedious searching for my First publication just to find out what I previously did.


I have been reviewing other people's solutions to various challenges by e-mail, and recently replies have not been sent back thanking me for the review. Furthermore, I just checked to see if any of my newest reviews were being posted, and they have not. Until this problem is resolved, there is no incentive to leave the auto-review-by-e-mail system enabled on my account.

Currently, this is the only way I have been involved with CheckiO in recent times. With the review system broken, my involvement will drop to zero. If an e-mail is never received saying that this forum post was responded to, then there would not be much of a reminder for me to get involved again. It has been fun learning on this web site, but a few problems need to fixed as time permits.