Univocalic davasaan Univocalic davasaan

Being a rockstar is the intersection of who you are and who you want to be.

- Slash (Guitarist for Guns N' Roses)

You have to write a function named davasaan (division with all vowels a) which calculates integer division by 10.
The vowels " eiou " are disallowed as are the slash " / ", asterisk " * ", and period " . " characters.

We have one more rule for this univocalic challenge. This is a code golf mission and your main goal is to make your code as short as possible: 300 characters is the maximum allowable. The shorter your code, the more remarkable you are.
Note that your code can start/end with empty lines and commented lines, they are not considered for code length. Hence you can comment a bit your code.

Input: A non-negative number as an integer.

Output: The integer division ( //10 ) of the input as an integer.

How... This is about hacks and tricks in python which help you to shorten your code. You don't need to use this in production, but it can help for deeper comprehension of Python.

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