The Fastest Horse The Fastest Horse
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We have some horse racing statistics (each horse’s time in each race)
You have to find the number of the horse which has the most wins.
For example: if the results are [[“1:13”, “1:26”, “1:11”], [“1:10”, “1:18”, “1:14”], [“1:20”, “1:23”, “1:15”]] then the 3rd horse is the fastest, because it has won 2 races out of 3.
Every element in the list - is a string in format m:ss, for example, "1:05" or "2:22". 1:00 <= time <= 5:00


Input: Racing time as an array of arrays.

Output: The number of the fastest horse that has the most wins (Important: in this task the horse numbers starts from "1", not from "0")


fastest_horse([[“1:13”, “1:26”, “1:11”], [“1:10”, “1:18”, “1:14”], [“1:20”, “1:23”,...
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