Spaceship Landing Strip Spaceship Landing Strip
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"Wow! That was a terrible landing!" Stephen was the first one to break the silence after the ship descended.

"Who set up the landing vector?" asked Sofia as she emerged from a heap of cables and shook ashes off herself. "Who borks it that badly? I bet that was the Ship's last landing ever!"

"I’m doing a systems check right now." said Nikola, brushing off Sofias comment. At the computer, typing away furiously, Nikola had this infamous do not disturb me look on his face. It seemed as though there were no computational errors.

“Well we’ve got loads of opportunity for adventure here!” Sofia said, making the best of a bad situation.

"Sofia, I beg you... don’t tell me what a great opportunity this is. The trip has already gotten off to the WORST possible start." Stephen responded tersely.


"Geez, now I understand why expeditions to these lands happen so rarely…"

"It won't take off." Nikola announced, banging the console with his fist.

"What? The ship is fine! We can just fix the damage and continue on our journey," Sofia...

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