Reverse Roman Numerals Reverse Roman Numerals
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In this CheckiO mission Roman Numerals you have to convert a decimal number into its representation as a Roman number.
Here you have to do the same but the other way around.

You are given a Roman number as a string and your job is to convert this number into its decimal representation.

A valid Roman number, in the context... follow the rules of the subtractive notation.
Check out this for more details on how to form Roman numerals.

Input: A Roman number as a string.

Output: The decimal representation of the Roman number as an int.


reverse_roman('VI') == 6
reverse_roman('LXXVI') == 76
reverse_roman('CDXCIX') == 499
reverse_roman('MMMDCCCLXXXVIII') == 3888

len(roman_string) > 0
all(char in "MDCLXVI" for char in roman_string) == True
0 < reverse_roman(roman_string) < 4000

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