Multicolored Lamp Multicolored Lamp
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The New Year is coming and you've decided to decorate your home. But simple lights and Christmas decorations are so boring, so you have figured that you can use your programing skills and create something really cool and original. Your task is to create the class Lamp() and method light() which will make the lamp glow with one of the four colors in the sequence - (‘Green’, ‘Red’, ‘Blue’, ‘Yellow’). When the light() method is used for the first time, the color should be 'Green', the second time - 'Red' and so on. If the current color is 'Yellow', the next color should be 'Green' and so on. In this mission you can use the State design pattern. It's highly useful in the situations where object should change its behaviour depending on the internal state.


lamp_1 = Lamp()
lamp_2 = Lamp()

lamp_1.light() #Green
lamp_1.light() #Red
lamp_2.light() #Green
lamp_1.light() == "Blue"
lamp_1.light() == "Yellow"
lamp_1.light() == "Green"
lamp_2.light() == "Red"
lamp_2.light() == "Blue"

Input: A few strings indicating the number of times the lamp is being turned on.

Output: The color of the lamp.

How it is used: To implement objects with mutable behavior.

Precondition: 4 colors: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow.