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There is a lunch place at your work with the 3 microwave ovens (Мicrowave1, Мicrowave2, Мicrowave3), which are the subclasses of the MicrowaveBase class. Every microwave can be controlled by a RemoteControl. The RemoteControl uses the next commands:

set_time("xx:xx"), where "xx:xx" - time in minutes and seconds, which shows how long the food will be warming up. For example: set_time("05:30");
add_time("Ns"), add_time("Nm"), where N - the number of seconds("s") or minutes("m"), which should be added to the current time;
del_time("Ns"), del_time("Nm"), where N - the amount of the seconds("s") or minutes("m"), which should be subtracted from the current time;
show_time() - shows the current time for the microwave.

The default time is 00:00. The time can't be less than 00:00 or greater than 90:00, even if add_time or del_time causes it.

Your task is to create a few classes - one for the MicrowaveBase, three for the three different microwaves, and one for the RemoteControl - just as described above. The RemoteControl will have 1 parameter - an instance of the Microwave (for example, RemoteControl(microwave_1), where microwave_1 = Microwave1()) that shows which Microwave should be controlled by the current RemoteControle. Only the third oven works properly and shows the full time. The other two have some flaws with their displays - the first shows '_' instead of the first digit and the second does the same with the last digit. They show time like this:

microwave_1 = Microwave1()
microwave_2 = Microwave2()
microwave_3 = Microwave3()

RemoteControl(microwave_1).show_time() == "_0:00"
RemoteControl(microwave_2).show_time() == "00:0_"
RemoteControl(microwave_3).show_time() == "00:00"

In this mission you could use the Bridge design pattern. Its main task is - to decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently.


microwave_1 = Microwave1()
microwave_2 = Microwave2()
microwave_3 = Microwave3()

remote_control_1 = RemoteControl(microwave_1)

remote_control_2 = RemoteControl(microwave_2)
remote_control_3 = RemoteControl(microwave_3)
remote_control_1.show_time() == "_1:00"
remote_control_2.show_time() == "01:3_"
remote_control_3.show_time() == "01:40"

Input: methods of the RemoteControl class and time.

Output: time on the display of the microwave.

How it is used: For work with time.

Precondition: 00:00 <= time <= 90:00