Mathematically Lucky Tickets Mathematically Lucky Tickets

Sofia cracks open the treasure chest. Inside are slips of paper with six digit numbers on each slip.

“What’s this?” She asks, quizzed. “Nikola, are these what I think they are?”

“They look like lucky tickets! Look at how many there are, there must be hundreds! Any of them could be a winner!”

“Oh man! We could turn them into the lucky ticket commission and collect the reward! I could pay my dad back for the spaceship!”

“Er, you didn’t buy it yourself?” Stephen asked Sofia.

“Well, not as such. I borrowed the money from my dad on the condition that I’d pay him back. Now maybe I can!”

Stephen sighed. “Well, let’s check the tickets to see if we have a winner.”

“I have an idea. I brought my number cruncher 5000 along. I’ll just write a quick function to find out if we won so we don’t have...

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