House of Mirrors House of Mirrors

This mission is an adaptation of the "Undead" game (from Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection ). If you are lost or just want to play, the game is available here .

There is a house of mirrors filled with monsters (ghosts, vampires and zombies). Inside, the mirrors are arranged to show what's on the right or left (so you can't see yourself).
As you probably know,

  • ghosts are not visible except through a mirror,
  • vampires have no reflection,
  • zombies are always visible.

You will have to fill in the plan of the house with these monsters. For this, we give you the plan, the number of ghosts/vampires/zombies and the number of monsters that can be seen from outside.

The rectangular house will be represented by a tuple of strings. Empty places by '.', mirrors by '\\' and '/', ghosts by 'G', vampires by 'V', zombies by...

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