Forgetful Prisoner Forgetful Prisoner

Consider The Dark Labyrinth to have been your training before taking on this challenge, young grasshopper. Once again, you find yourself in a labyrinth. It's dark and the batteries in your flashlight have died. Due to your preparedness, you have in your possession an ultrasound scanner which can define the depth of passages in four directions. If you think that this will solve all your problems, then we have some news for you. You can not remember anything and use the scanner memory card. But it has an extremely limited capacity and can only remember 100 bits between runs.

The labyrinth is 12x12 cells and surrounded by walls on all sides. Keep in mind, you are surrounded by darkness, so be careful to not run into a wall. This is a "multicall" mission and as such, your function will be called until you have solved the maze or run out of moves. For each iteration you receive a dictionary with information about the distances of walls in four directions: "N" - North, "S" - South, "W" - West and "E" - East. For example: if a neighbour cell is wall, then the distance is 0. You will see the exit only when you enter the exit cell.

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