Chess Knight Chess Knight
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Your friend loves chess very much, but he's not a strong player. You can help him by using your programming skills.
If this mission is too simple for you, try another one from this set - The shortest Knight's path.

Your task is to write a function that can find all of the chessboard cells to which the Knight can move. The input data will consist of a start cell and the amount of moves that the Knight will make. There is only one figure on the board - your Knight.
If the same cell appears more than once - do not add it again. You should return the list of all of the possible cells and sort them as follows: in alphabetical order (from 'a' to 'h') and in ascending order (from 'a1' to 'a8' and so on).


Input: A start cell, the number of moves.

Output: A list of all of the possible cells.


chess_knight('a1', 1) == ['b3', 'c2']
chess_knight('h8', 2) == ['d6', 'd8', 'e5', 'e7', 'f4', 'f7', 'f8', 'g5', 'g6', 'h4', 'h6', 'h8']

How it is used: For game analysis and bot (game AI) development.

1 <= the number of moves <= 2