• Why Python is the most popular programming language?

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Hi, guys!

Various resources have ranked Python as the most popular programming language in 2019! It’s so amazing that we couldn’t stop ourselves and not to get into the whole reason why Python gained so much popularity. So, the spotlight is on PYTHON and we’re presenting you our thoughts on “Why Python is the most popular programming language?” Check it out, ‘cause we’re dying to know what you think!

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  • If you are interested in knowing how to plan your code so imports are clear and clean, check out the “Complete Guide to Imports in Python: Absolute, Relative, and More”. There you’ll find elaborate discussions from the very basics of importing to complex topics such as lazy loading of modules in your packages.
  • You are familiar with the “complex code” problem, then you have to read this! “Complexity waterfall” will guide you through places where complexity lives and how to fight it there. Also, you’ll find out how well written simple code and automation enable an opportunity of “Continous Refactoring” and “Architecture on Demand” development styles.
  • After six and a half years, Guido van Rossum, the creator of Python, is leaving Dropbox and heading into retirement. It holds sadness, but also reminds how much he’s done. You just have to know the details!

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