• A whole new island is waiting for you!

Hi there!

We’re fast approaching the holidays (aka LOADS of time to complete CheckiO missions) and as an early Christmas present to you all, we’ve opened a whole new island!

Island hopping in winter
Wondering what an island inhabited by some of the universe’ best marketeers has to offer in terms of code challenges? Go checkout the HubSpot island and play around with web log sessions, URL normalization and figure out how to rotate the levers of the HubSpot amulet so that you unlock its powers!

A whole new map
Remember our little loading bar? Well, you won’t see much of that around CheckiO anymore! Our new map loads way faster, saving more time for you to solve our code challenges.

Create your own code challenge on CheckiO
Kind of a game master yourself? We’ve published our templates and tests on GitHub, open for you to take a look and create your own missions. Read more about it on our blog.

Happy coding!

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