• What’s new? So glad you asked....

Did you attend this year’s PyCon? If you did, then you may already know about this fantastic news: CheckiO was a Startup Row Honoree! We had an amazing time connecting with the Python community at PyCon, and it was marvelous to hear CheckiO get mentioned numerous times in talks and presentations throughout the event. People are taking notice of the incredible achievements CheckiO is already making—and it’s all thanks to you, our community members.

Didn't get to PyCon this year? No worries! We'll be giving a tour of the city based on our own experiences, so it'll feel like you didn't miss a thing.

Moving on, we’ve got two quick notices. First, have you tried your hand at the Feed Pigeons challenge? If not, Macfreek has already offered up his solution. Check out the magnificent math he used to overcome the intellectual obstacles here!

Lastly, are you ready to accept your latest mission? We’re taking an old challenge and giving it a new twist. Originally, you needed to turn a nested array into a flat one. What’s changed? Now you’ve got to Tweet the solution! That’s right. You’ve only got 140 characters to detail your devious solution. Can you make with the condensing?

Until next week, CheckiO cheeps!

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