• What do pigeons and primes have in common?

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This week we have two new missions for you, an interview with last season’s Top Coder Veky and… other niceties. Let’s dive right in!

Feeding pigeons
We got a couple of hungry birds and we need your help! When you start to feed one pigeon, a minute later two more fly by. And a minute later another 3. Then 4... One portion of food lasts a pigeon for a minute. How many pigeons do we have to feed at least once if we have N portions wheat?

Restricted Prime
We want to teach our censored calculator to check if numbers are primes or not. This crazy calculator learned new words (but forget some) and does not accept new words and certain symbols. Plus: it hates digits! Given a number (0 < n < 10000), you should check if it is a prime or not. Your solution can not contain any of the forbidden words, symbols or digits.

To give you and idea, how to go about this task: this solution by weerd totally made our weeks.

from math import *​
Veky was our Top Coder in autumn - scoring level after badge after ... more badges? We got the chance to interview one of our favorite faces of the CheckiO forum. Veky answered like only he could answer...

Hacky New Year!

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