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Hi guys

We no longer support Python 2.7, and we have begun working on speed optimization. One of the biggest updates was released just recently, which allow pages related to user solutions to work much faster.

Since we mentioned solutions let’s go through all the related features.

  • You can choose a category for your solution on the sharing form. Default “Clear” category means that you share clean and well written code that is easy to read.
  • When you check solutions of other users you can filter them by category as well as by amount of comments, amount of votes or sharing date. Some solutions have star marker - it means it’s an “Editor's choice” solution. Our editors choose those solutions for you as the most interesting no matter how many votes it has.
  • We have extra filters such as “Editor's choice” - which means you will see only Editor's choice solutions, “Followers” - only solutions of users you follow, and “Liked by followers” - only solutions that was liked by users you follow. In your Edit Profile Page you can subscribe on code review by email. You will get emails with users solution and by replaying on the email you give a code review for the solution.
  • User can check solutions of other users through the random review feature. During random review user is not be able to see the author of the solution and rating. System will randomly choose the most fresh solution for your review. Solutions without code review are in priority. Code review that was made by Random Review tool has a special marker.
  • Free accounts can get access to solutions of other users with some delay. During this delay free accounts can still see solution of other users through random review.
  • All users’ solutions you can find by clicking on “Progress” from the right menu of user profile.
  • You can give access to all of your solutions for any users (no matter they solved related mission or no) using sharing link on your own Progress Page.

One small improvement that was released just recently allows you to get 5x more points for code reviews.

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