• Follow closely now...because we’ve got new CheckiO Achievement Badges!

The CheckiO community doesn’t exist without the strong connections between members—whether you’re a brand new user or have paved well-worn paths along our journey so far. CheckiO is all about engagement, interaction, and users spurring one another on to greater coding exploits. We’ve got oodles of intellect and insights in our growing ranks, and we want to encourage everyone to connect with one another so we can all share in the benefits.

To that end, we’ve added a handful of CheckiO Achievement Badges dedicated to Following & Followers! Here are the requirements for these:

  • Following another user for the first time
  • Following the author of a mission
  • Following users who registered after you did
  • Following users who reviewed your code
  • Getting your first follower
  • Getting 5 followers
  • Getting 15 followers!

These badges will pop up to notify you as your CheckiO network flourishes, and any badge earned is connected to your personal account, where it can be publicly displayed. We’ll be adding further badge categories in the near future, so if you have any ideas for accomplishments or activities that would make excellent achievements, let us know!

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