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Good News Everyone!

While you were out watching fireworks and flipping hamburgers, we developed a new mathematical task for you guys, and here it is! The task is called Number Factory!

CheckiO is making a big move this week to Amazon Cloud Services. We expect this move to occur this week (if it hasn’t already) and you should see a huge boost in the websites overall speed. As you can also see, we have made some snazzy new changes to the site which should make most everything much easier.

Lastly, I would like to let you know that we are releasing new missions early to those that follow us on our social networks. If you’d like to take a first crack at new missions, come find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ today!

That’s all for the news this week. If you have any questions or ideas or articles you like to share, maybe a joke or two, please write to me here!


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