• Video Code Review

Hi :)

Do you know what we love the most at CheckiO? Experimenting!! Sometimes you don’t see it. Sometimes they are driving you crazy and sometimes they are very good. I have another one for you. I hope it’s a good one and that you will enjoy it as much as we did working on it. We call it video code review.

How it works: We invite one CheckiO user at a time. He or she goes through the different solutions and gives feedback out loud. The coolest part is that each code-review is a small python lesson.

Meet our first code-review user, veky :) Last week, I went through solutions of the "Striped Words” mission with him. Here are the best parts in this video. If you enjoy videos like this, just subscribe to our YouTube channel and get notified each time!

We have also a very simple mission just released called "Largest Rectangle in a Histogram”, and it’s already on the CheckiO map. Will you be the first one to share the solution? We are working on one more mission called "Find Enemy,” created by kurosawa4434. If you have access to Polygon island and you have some war-game design experience you can easily solve it.

We have also made some minor editor upgrades (mostly bug-fixing) and now you can use Python-3.6.0b2.

Thank you for playing and have a great week.

PS: Remember, if you love what we are doing and you want to support us, the best way to do it is to become an Awesome user on CheckiO.



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