• Video Code Review with Veky: contextlib and ast

In this video veky go through a lot of topics

  • What is contextlib and how does it work with veky’s family tree solution.
  • Try.. except: pass is the most dangerous idiom in Python and why.
  • Zen of Python (import this)
  • why “suppress" but not “ignore”
  • why don’t we have warning for using Try.. except: pass ?
  • Hierarchy of Exception Classes
  • How Exceptions works in Python 1
  • sys.last_type sys.last_value
  • veky’s "The Good Solution" of "The Good Radix” mission
  • special place of “not” in the grammar
  • how suppress works as break and continue
  • min and max solution (not veky’s)
  • what is special in min and max in Python and why Guido was very unhappy about it
  • deduplicating your code
  • using default arguments for passing values into nested function
  • when you understand that some things are data and some things are code it becomes much easier to understand the rest.
  • "What is the name of this cat"
  • Inserting into global and local namespaces
  • functools.wraps
  • ast.literal_eval and eval function
  • a bonus: crazy funny adding solution (PyRPy)

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