• This week’s mission: On the same path


Hi, guys!

Recently, we’ve had a big update. It’s not quite visible yet, since it was an internal software update, but this will allow us to move forward in 2020. If you notice any bugs, do what you always did, post them on the forum. We will try to respond ASAP.

Test yourself and have fun with the new mission we have for you:

The mission is called “On the same path”, created by Phil15, where you have to write a function that receives a tree and a list of pairs of tree's nodes, and determine whether two noves in each pair are on the same path.

   ('Me', [('Daddy', [('Grandpa', []),
                      ('Grandma', [])]),
           ('Mom', [('Granny', []),
                    ('?', [])])]),
   [('Grandpa', 'Me'), ('Daddy', 'Granny')],
) == [True, False]
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The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are HeNeArKr, flpo, and mortonfox. You are doing great, guys! Keep on coding!

Little by little CheckiO is starting to grow and now we have an opportunity to add a new Content-Hero and the Mission-Creation-Monster into our team part-time. Together we’ll work on CheckiO and Empire of Code. Are you interested? Then fill in this simple form so we could find out a little bit more about you and how we can get in touch.

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