• The Currency of Bits

Good news

User missions are starting to gain some traction here on CheckiO. There's a flurry of conversations going on over in the CheckiO forums about new user-made missions. We've got discussions on new ideas, beta tests for new missions, and collaboration between users on mission designs! The result of all that? Well, we've got two band new missions for you from community members just like you!

Parity Bit Generator: Created by Pumba_UA, your mission is to translate a data package into a string message.

Currency Style: Countries from around the world use different notation styles for currency. You'll be translating those styles to the American style in this mission from jtokaz.

If you want to get in on the world-building action, you can! Once you hit Level 9 in CheckiO, you'll be able to start your world building journey and make your own missions to share with your friends and peers. And who knows? Maybe you'll get featured by the CheckiO team! If you don't think that's for you, there's another way to help make CheckiO great. With a small contribution, you can help drive new development for features, missions and more on CheckiO!

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