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Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

For the last three years, we have worked closely with teachers worldwide to meet their expectations and deliver tools to help manage their classes, whatever size, quickly and easily.

We have built the best platform to help your students practice their coding skills right in your class. Check out these exciting ClassRoom features.

Essential Analytics Tools

Here are just three of the essential tools that will help you track your students' progress:

  • The Practice Tool, for example, allows you to see which parts of the Python language have been used by your students and how active your entire class is with it.
  • With The Progress Tool, you can track how active your class is in solving puzzles and receive links to their shared solutions, all in one page.
  • The Solution History Tool allows you to evaluate your students step-by-step from their starting point to the final solution, as well as spot any place where the student is stuck and needs help.

Those three tools will help you track your students' progress in a very simple way, but it is not all that we have to show.

Configuration Settings

ClassRoom has a flexible configuration where you can disable CheckiO hints for your students, configure privacy settings, and so on.

Email Codereview

You can receive email notifications about your students’ solutions in real-time and reply with feedback and code review directly within the email.

ClassRoom API

We want to help ensure that you can integrate with tools and platforms you already use. Create your custom map for your students with our Course Manager API and manage your classes right from your phone.

Course Manager

You can create your own CheckiO map based on maps we already have - Easy, Normal, and Hard).

More features are on the way and will be released soon. But the most powerful feature for your class remains the same: your students can see solutions and code reviews from other CheckiO users the moment they solve a puzzle and learn a lot more in a fraction of the time.

Do you want to check how it looks now? Schedule a Demo with us in one click, checkout demo class or start your first class.

Special Offer Pricing

The ClassRoom was 100% free during the COVID-shutdown, and it will remain free to use. Anyone can create an unlimited amount of classes with an unlimited amount of students. But, starting with February 1, 2022, Analytics Essential Tools (Practice Tool, Progress Tool, and Solution History) are available for Awesome Teacher Accounts for $99 per year, with no limits on class size or class number. Moreover, all students of Awesome Teacher are considered to be Awesome Users as well, and it means no limits in the game and no ads.

That is pretty much it for now. Happy coding and happy new year :)

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