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Hello CheckiO users! 🙂

And we are back from the vacation with some new cool updates for CheckiO.

Points graph:

We now add a small widget to your profile page, that shows how your points are growing on CheckiO. This widget is visible only for you and for your teacher in class (in case you have one). It also compares your performance with the last month, so you get motivated to always be better.


CheckiO generates a list of tags for your solution based on the language you have used in the code. Those tags are also keywords that can be used in searching for new solutions, using our search tool

The tags are now shown on your solution page - and those tags are clickable on that page, so you can find other solutions that use the same language and learn more tricks about Python. Because this is why CheckiO was created.

The tags are also shown on the solutions leaderboard - so it is easier for you to find unique solutions in the leaderboard.

The list of solutions on the profile page has those tags as well.

The system now shows you which tags will be used for tagging your solution on the solution sharing page, it is very convenient when you want to close a specific quest or get a badge for using a specific language.


Have been improved as well, We have fixed several bugs and improve performance. We also have a keyword description in the search result, so when you get a direct link to the search page you’ll also learn about the language used in the search request.


As for plans for the future - a new editor will be shared soon for closed alpha testing - which will implement a lot of new ideas and improvements.

Missions on islands will be reorganized for a better learning curve and more hints for missions will be provided.

For the long period of covid, we have our classroom functionality be free for everybody. We’ve got a lot of positive feedback as well as new ideas for improvement, so a lot of new will be added for Classrooms and some of the functionalities will no longer be free for bigger classes (but as always, if your organization is teaching coding for free, we are very happy to provide you our tools for free as well)

Enjoy your coding and have fun.

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