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Good day, CheckiO Users!

This week we've wanted to tell you about quite a few updates that we've implemented.

Let's start with the CheckiO Map arrangement that has been completely changed. The easier missions have been placed on the first islands to make your learning curve much smoother. The complexity of almost all missions has been reconsidered as well. But we're still experimenting with this, so keep that in mind. If you have any ideas concerning the changes of complexity for any of the missions, please, let us know.

Furthermore, the Map used to open with 2 available islands, now there will be only one - Elementary. When the missions there will be solved, the next island opens - Home, and so on. The user levels have also been slightly modified.

A few minor bugs have been fixed in the –°lassRooms and now they are completely free for a year, to any extent. Create your first Python class and help others to learn Python, no payment required!

As a small experiment, I've decided to create my own small class (10 students max). Feel free to join so I could help you improve your coding skills.

That's it for now.

Have a nice week and take care of yourself!

Remember, during the quarantine, stay home and let the power of Python be with you!

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