• Welcome Station Page Remastered!

Hello, checkiomates🐱‍👤!

Good news again. This time we presented you remastered station pages🎁! Below is the new look in general. Notice, that a new right-side block is added with all stations sorted by last visit.

Now let's highlight the details. If a mission has hints, you may see now a specific mark at mission block:
At each station page you are able now to find missions in a specific searchbox:
At the very bottom of stations panel you may see a checkbox, which allows to skip map as a start page and go directly to the last visited station.
If you still want to visit CheckiO world map even with above checkbox checked, you need to use a link at the top of right side panel:

Finally, you have an easy way to report a problem with a mission description or with hints by simply selecting the wrong text, clicking report, and filling out the form.

🙌 Thanks for your attention! Hope to meet you at CheckiO. We are really interested in your thoughts! Please, leave a comment below! ⤵

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