• Release is Coming

Hi guys.

We are working hard on the new version of CheckiO, so today we have some very brief updates for you. BTW if you want to participate in our closed beta test, find a way to contact with me.

I’ve recently shared on the forum some new things I want to implement in the next CheckiO release. I would love to get your feedback!

Some Python improvements have been implemented thanks to veky. Modules ast, contextlib have been added for both Python versions. Modules enum, statistics for only third version.

Last week we implemented SciPy modules in CheckiO and our core users have shared some interesting solutions:

nbaramichai shows that working with matrix can be more elegant with numpy

Looks like simplify problems have been solved in sympy. Check out the solutions from alexgerdom

Solution for median in one import from paolo.brasolin

Don’t forget to share your own.

On JS CheckiO we don’t have too many missions yet but we have one guy who solved all of them already (and he helped us with fixing some minor bugs).

Thank you and enjoy your game!

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