• Python in Poland

As you know, we recently held our Polish Python Competition on CheckiO. Poland was chosen by the community in a poll in the CheckiO forum as the country for the second competition, we'd like to share some information for our Polish Python Devs and any others who have an interest.

Founded in 2014, the Polish Python User Group, sometimes known as PLPUG, is an official community of Polish developers, users and enthusiasts of Python.

PLPUG was founded with a few goals in mind:

  • To promote Python usage in education and business,
  • To support local user groups, conferences and other connected initiatives,
  • To build a bridge to the larger Python world,
  • Organise the PyCon PL conference - one of the biggest Python conference in Europe.

PLPUG is providing a new complex platform soon which has a goals of strengthening the Python community:

  • Helps people exchange experiences, opportunities, solutions and ideas,
  • Add news from and about the global Python community,
  • Publish articles and job offers for Python developers.

If you are interested in making Python stronger in Poland, here are a couple of places to start with: PLPUG on IRC, PPCG Forum or you can contact them via email.

That said, the Poland competition has come to an end, and now it;s time to announce our Poland champions!

  1. In first place, we have the supremely talented easternHeretic, who scored 417 points.
  2. Taking second with their excellent programming was vac who scored 389 points.
  3. In third place with a solid coding effort was ablikexe with 226 points.

And now that the competition is complete, the exclusive missions have been opened CheckiO players around the world!

Gather People Golf: The building needs to be evacuated quickly. Use your code to help people escape!
Network Loops: Loops tend to cause problems for computer networks. Your mission is to create an algorithm to discover them.
Fruit Snake: Make the classic game Snake more of a challenge by adding new game-play elements to it.

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