• C H E C K I O. It's correct!

- The best learning platform, 7 letters?

- Hmm…let me think…Of course it’s “CheckiO”!

Hi all! Today we will make your minds think about the answers! We invite you to relax and do something interesting, namely, to solve crossword puzzles with us and try some missions with similar themes.


Cipher Crossword by bryukh - For this task, you should solve the cipher crossword. You are given a crossword template as a list of lists (2D array) with numbers (from 0 to 26), where 0 is a blank cell and other numbers are encrypted letters. You will be given a list of words for the crossword puzzle. You should fill that template with given words and return the solved crossword as a list of lists with letters. Blank cells are replaced with whitespaces (0 => " "). The words are placed in rows and columns, with NO diagonals. The crossword contains six words with 5 letters each. These words are placed in a grid.

        [21, 6, 25, 25, 17],
        [14, 0, 6, 0, 2],
        [1, 11, 16, 1, 17],
        [11, 0, 16, 0, 5],
        [26, 3, 14, 20, 6]
    ['hello', 'habit', 'lemma', 'ozone', 'bimbo', 'trace']
) == [['h', 'e', 'l', 'l', 'o'],
      ['a', ' ', 'e', ' ', 'z'],
      ['b', 'i', 'm', 'b', 'o'],
      ['i', ' ', 'm', ' ', 'n'],
      ['t', 'r', 'a', 'c', 'e']]

Cipher Map by bryukh - Help Sofia write a decrypter for the passwords that Nikola will encrypt through the cipher map. A cipher grille is a 4×4 square of paper with four windows cut out. You need to perform "spy" actions to decipher the password. Good luck!

recall_password(['X...', '..X.', 'X..X', '....'],
 ['itdf', 'gdce', 'aton', 'qrdi']) == 'icantforgetiddqd'
recall_password(['....', 'X..X', '.X..', '...X'],
 ['xhwc', 'rsqx', 'xqzz', 'fyzr']) == 'rxqrwsfzxqxzhczy'


We have selected for you a few crossword puzzles related to the Python programming language. And the CheckiO team challenges you! (and you veky too). Share your solutions in the comments. We urge you not to use the help of the all-powerful Google, but to try to solve it on your own. We will mark the best and most active of you in the next post.

Python Programming -

Python -

- Did you know that you can write a crossword generator in Python?

- No way! It is urgent to study this issue.


CheckiO is looking for a member of the content management team. Namely, who will moderate the project, create new content, new missions, improve missions that have already been created, and help us in every way to improve the project itself. If you are interested in this offer, you can fill out the Google form and we will contact you ourselves.

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