• Player Made Missions Blasting Off

Hello Codestronauts!

This is mission control calling. We have a new feature for you all to try out! This week we are beta testing a system enabling players to create, design and produce their own CheckiO missions and share them with the world! Right now we have a GitHub repository set up which has all the resources and documentation you need to get crackin’. If you think you’ve got the chops to make your own missions, send me your response and I’ll get you set up!

This week we also have two missions for you. First off, Stephen has been trying to send timestamps for their adventures back to mission control, but the clock is giving him a hard time because it’s only transmitting in morse code at the moment. If you can give him some help, mission control would appreciate it.

The second mission is critical and deemed to be top-secret. CheckiO mission control has discovered the presence of a mysterious Magic Square in orbit over CheckiO Prime. We’d like you to break Low-Earth orbit and see what it wants. Here are your coordinates.

One more thing before we sign off. We’d like to share with you the results of our experiment with the CheckiO Joke Corps. This one’s titled “Trolling” and was written by your fellow Codestronaut, AndriusMk.

That’s all for now, you have your orders.


Flight Commander

CheckiO Aeronautics and Space Administration (CASA)

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