• Participate in new missions and a CheckiO player survey!

Welcome to a new week with spectacular new missions. We’ve got a great set for you to take for a whirl:

  • How to Find Friends – Sophia’s drones have created their own social network! Sophia has data showing which drones have made friendly connections, and your challenge is to take that same data and determine if any two drones are mutually interconnected.
  • Unfair Dice – Ready to play with dice? This quirky mission from your fellow coder Joshua lets you define the number of sides a die has—and the numbers on those sides—in order to optimize your chances of scoring the highest roll against an opponent.

Beyond that, we’d like to perform a quick member survey. In fact, there’s just one question: “As a CheckiO player, what from this list is the most fun prize you’d compete for?”

That’s it! Hit the link to submit your reply.

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