• A nifty Infographic and CheckiO Meetups

Thank you for your participation in our survey last week! Here is where you can see the results. You should check it out!

Our CheckiO meetup this past Saturday was a lot of fun! Read more about how it was and what other CheckiO meetups are running. Then learn how to start your own!

Our February Top player is Sim0000: “Oh, I'm quite new in Python” .

And our star coder of the month is Cjkjvfnby. Andrey, thank you for all the support that you have given to the CheckiO community.

Community Digest

Here is a small lesson from Andrey Solomatin about speed in python.

Guido has reviewed two versions of Bunny Chai’s solutions of one mission "line geometry" and "projective geometry"

PositroncLama explains how his solution works and why it is better:

z_kro seems to get the idea of the Puzzle category.

What qualifies as production code? We had an interesting discussion about veky’s solution which you might want to take a look at.

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