• New Years Awesome Gift

New Years is getting close and we offering some gifts for our users! Until the end of the Year you will be able to buy an Awesome Account with 50% discount. You can also send an Awesome Account as a New Year's gift to your friend who is playing or might want to join CheckiO.

Veky and oduvan will get together again on livecoding.tv this Tursday and make a Code Review for two more missions “The Hidden Word” and “Pearls in the box”. Feel free to join our LiveCoding Channel and send solution you think worth to review.

I also want to say thanks for our sponsor AcademyX. They offer instructor-led classes in: Python Intro and Advanced both at their classroom facilities in San Francisco, as well as live online. Use coupon code “checkio” on checkout between now and December 16 to get 40% off the list price.

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