• New Unique CheckiO Island

Hey! A brand new Island has been released on CheckiO! It’s called SendGrid Island.

There are several unique things with this island you’ll want to check out. Here are just a few:

Real API is required to solve.

We have 7 missions on this island and three of them require you to use the SendGrid API Key in order to solve them.

If you are novice coder you will start to recognize that you will always deal with API and third-party modules. CheckiO has become a good place to practice it.

Island LeaderBoard.

We have always given access to the Global CheckiO LeaderBoard. But for this island, the Leaderboard is specific these missions only.

That means everybody has a chance to get to the very top at this location!

And badges.

In addition to all of that, we have several unique badges around SendGrid island. It’s definitely worth checking out this new CheckiO experience.

Have fun.

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