• New to the team: back-end developer Igor

We’re happy to introduce our newest addition to the backend team: Igor Lubimov. Igor got his first computer when he was 10 and built his first dynamic website when he was 15. He started freelancing at 17 and at 18 he landed his first ‘office job’. Time to get to know this guy a bit better, what do you say?

What do you do when you’re not… coding?
Depending on my mood, I like to read books, play volleyball, or just stroll around a bit.

Why did you decide to work at CheckiO?
I like the idea behind CheckiO, then there’s a good team, great working conditions, what’s not to like?

When did you start learning programming and why?
I started learning programming about 10 years ago. When most of my classmates played computer games, I was trying to get my head around this computer device itself.

I enrolled in several courses (Word / Excel / Internet) and there I accidentally came across html.chm. That’s where it all began, really.

What’s good (or: elegant) code to you?
As Martin Fowler would say: “Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.”

I totally agree with that, so for me good code is clear code.

How do you keep your coding skills up-to-date?
I am a Python developer at heart, but I’m also interested in front-end stuff: JavaScript, HTML, CSS... Especially since HTML5 and CSS3 became popular.

As for improving my coding abilities, I don’t really read books. You can find everything online and it’s very likely to be more up-to-date. I occasionally watch video from tech conferences, and sometimes I will go to meetups to meet other pythonista’s.

Find Igor on CheckiO, GitHub and Twitter!

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