• New to the team: Front-end Dev Nikolay Frantsev

We’re happy to welcome Nikolay on board. As a front-end developer, he will work on all pretty things you get to see on the CheckiO platform. Starting with the main map. A little bird told us that he’ll also add a JavaScript interpreter for CheckiO. Exciting stuff!

Nikolay is originally from Russia, but moved to the Ukraine 4 years ago when he married ‘a very pretty Ukrainian girl’. Asking him what kind of character he would be in a game, he answered: probably some crazy Android robot! When Nikolay is not coding - which doesn't happen often - he likes cycling, digital photography and playing with his dog, Angel.

Why did you decide to work at CheckiO?
I found the idea for CheckiO inspiring and I like the CheckiO team. Plus: there are many interesting front-end tasks waiting for me.

When did you start learning programming and why?
I started learning programming about 9-10 years ago, at elementary school. Together with some my classmates I wrote simple programs, like little competitions, just for fun. I’m happy that my hobby turned into my job!

What’s good (or: elegant) code to you?
Coding for me is like poetry. I prefer clean code and simply solutions. It’s very easy to write ugly and complicated code, whereas writing pure code is a hard and non-trivial task.

What would you change if you could be CheckiO’s CEO for a day?
Nothing! I love coding too much, to become a CEO.

You can find Nikolay on Twitter.

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