• New to the team: Analytics Mastermind Sergii

We’re happy to introduce Sergii Voronov, currently working on an analytics part of CheckiO. Sergii’s major is in mathematics and statistics. And he’s interested in ‘the puzzling bits of history and science’.

Why did you decide to work at CheckiO?
First, it is an interesting project that allows people to learn and improve their programming skills tackling the problems which are close to real challenges one can face in their job. Second, I wanted to work at a company that is really interested in their workers and wants me to improve my skills. I believe CheckiO is that kind of company.

When did you start learning programming and why?
I started learning programming at the university. My major was in mathematics and we needed to model different processes, so I had to learn a programming language (that was C++). After a while, I really got the hang of programming.

What do you do when you’re not coding?
Besides coding I like sports, football and table tennis mostly, and reading books. And I like to learn new programming languages. That really has my interest. In my opinion one cannot improve without an interest in and motivation to learn something new, and become a better professional.

What’s good (or: elegant) code to you?
I think an elegant code should find a compromise between ‘compactness’, readability and speed. I should say I need to improve a lot in this direction!

What would you change if you could be CheckiO’s CEO for a day?
It is easy to change something, but it does not mean it is always a good change. We could break something that is working now. To answer this question I need to spend more time at the company I guess.

If you'd be a character in a game, who would you be?
I would want to be a wizard like Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings.

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