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Hello Everyone!

We need your help supporting CheckiO on the CheckiO Angel page! Helping us out is as simple as following us and commenting about your experience there on Angel List. We use Angel List to support the site and connect with investors so we can continue doing amazing things and making the CheckiO experience better for you!

CheckiO is looking to expand its team of developers and we are extending this opportunity to all CheckiO players first! If you love CheckiO and want to be a part of the upcoming exciting developments, check out the job description here.

We have a load of fresh new missions ready for you all! Check ‘em out:

The Colder Warmer mission can be found in the Ice Base.

The Number Guess mission can be found at the Ice Base.

And our last new mission for the week is called the Weekend Counter, which is located in the Scientific Expedition.

Lastly, we have two incredibly insightful interviews from our Top and Star Players for the month of August! You can find our Top Player, altarfinch’s interview here. And our Star Player, Suwanditan’s interview can be found here!

I hope everyone is looking forward to Autumn! And for our friends south of the equator, have a happy summer!


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Welcome to CheckiO - games for coders where you can improve your codings skills.

The main idea behind these games is to give you the opportunity to learn by exchanging experience with the rest of the community. Every day we are trying to find interesting solutions for you to help you become a better coder.

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