• New Monthly Leaderboard

We have a few updates for you! Check them out...

Monthly Leaderboard updates

One month ago, we started a new Monthly Leaderboard. Points are given for new missions (solving, publishing, creating, etc) and for making comments. This month alone, five new missions were created and published.

Thanks to all the authors. You are awesome!

The winner this month with 664 points is suic You were very active in the community by helping other users and he is an author of two this month’s missions. Thanks a lot, suic! You deserve this win!

We are going to make April a code-review month, which means that points for the leaderboard will be for new solution-comments. I believe that good developers should also be good team players. And as a team player, you should learn how to deliver your code-review in a better way.

Please let me know in the comments section of this post what you think about these monthly board ideas!

New features updates

We are working on a cool new feature: Email-to-Code-to-Review. You will hear more about this feature closer to its release.

This week we were also very busy working on migrating CheckiO services to our new and improved servers. So, now we are not only faster and more stable, but we are also more secure.


Sorry for all inconveniences you may have experienced during this crazy week. All the issues should be resolved already so let me know if you still have any problems.

Community updates

While we were on fire with the migration, the CheckiO community prepared some updates for you.

French people can now enjoy fully translated Electronic station thanks to awesome user Bibiche.

We continue learning more about network algorithms thanks to minto. Do you remember his previous mission IP network: route summarization? You can now enjoy a new mission from him called, Ethernet ring dimensioning.

Mission Compare Functions created long time ago by user jtokaz is finally published on the Home island and you can share your solutions for this mission.

Thanks for staying with us. More news are coming.

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