• If String is Number & Interview with Guido

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Have not write you for a while...but education and fun never stops, yeah?! 📚 So, this week CheckiO team prerares for you a few missions and fresh topics to read! Let's get party started!


Is String a Number? by freeman_lex - This is the first of two missions with the same theme. You are given a string. Your function should check if the string is a valid number (contains digits only).

is_number("34") == True
is_number("df") == False
is_number("") == False

Is String a Number? (Part II) by freeman_lex - And this is the second one! The task is the same, but the string is tricky a bit 🤔.

is_number("+10.0") == True
is_number("1OOO") == False
is_number("1.") == True

Feed Pigeons by bryukh - Pay your attention to this interesting mission! It's not new, but has everything we like - not very easy, has a lot of solutions to learn something new, highly rated hints and animated tests!
I start to feed one of the pigeons. A minute later two more fly by and a minute after that another 3. Then 4, and so on. One portion of food lasts a pigeon for a minute, but in case there's not enough food for all the birds, the pigeons who arrived first ate first. Pigeons are hungry animals and eat without knowing when to stop. If I have N portions of bird feed, how many pigeons will be fed with at least one portion of wheat?

checkio(3) == 2
checkio(5) == 3
checkio(10) == 6

💡Take a break and read the following ARTICLES. Who knows, maybe you will find new knowledge and ideas there!

Quick course in "generators" and "comprehensions" - This article is dedicated to the instruments, which you will use in almost every your solution! So make efforts to gain better understanding of them.

Guido van Rossum: Python and the Future of Programming - For your attention is an interview of the author of Python! Guido van Rossum among other themes covers such important ones as speed of Python 3.11, TypeScript vs JavaScript, Python 4.0 and Future of Python and even advices for beginners.

How to Get a List of All Files in a Directory With Python - Getting a list of all the files and folders in a directory is a natural first step for many file-related operations in Python. When looking into it, though, you may be surprised to find various ways to go about it.

A bit of humour at the end!

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