• New missions and Monthly Leaderboard

Hi guys.

Finally we have 2 new missions on the CheckiO map that we have been talking about and testing for a long time. "String Conversion" and "What is wrong with this family?". Both are released for Py and Js portals, and both are in collecting mode which means in order to see solutions of other users you should submit your own solution.

We have shared an article into Python Reddit community where we highlight the most interesting solutions from Roman Numerals. I’m sure almost all of you have solved this mission and had a lot of fun checking solutions of other users, but this article includes the most interesting ones. I would love to hear your feedback! Do you want more of these types of articles?


About a month ago, I promised three random users who leave us an email in the PR form that they will get an Awesome Account for free for one year. Here are those lucky users: bleachin, graciashusband and sabhp143.

The last survey shows that your favorite movie is The Matrix and your favorite mission from Electronic Station is The Hamming Distance. The next survey is here. Thank you for taking part in the first survey. It is very important for us to know the answers. We also add one more optional field: username. In a month, we will give away 3 Awesome Accounts for those who take part in the next surveys.

The monthly board is launched again and this month will be a Code-Review month. Only points for code-reviews will increase your position in monthly leader-board.

PS: Remember, you can support CheckiO and join our Awesome Team.

- Alex

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