• New Mission and New Badges for you to achieve

CheckiO, together with awesome user kurosawa4434, have created a new mission "Power Supply". It’s not too difficult to solve but I’m sure there will be many creative solutions.

We have created a set of new badges. Read below to see how to obtain them.

“All over the place” - when you open all the islands on CheckiO

“In every door” - when you open all the stations on CheckiO

“Email Reviewer” - when you make your code-reviews by email.

In Email Reviers, there are different levels. Level 1 - for 5 code reviews, Level 2 - 10 code-reviews, Level 3 - 25 code reviews, Level 4 - 50 code reviews, Level 5 - 100 code reviews. In order to make code reviews by email you should subscribe to them first. You can do this in your settings.

“Support own community” - when you do a code-review for someone who follows you.

In Suppor own community, there are different levels. Level 1 - for 1 follower, Level 2 - for 5 followers, Level 3 - for 10 followers, Level 4 - for 20 followers, Level 5 - for 50 followers.

PS: This week me and veky will make a new video code review, but this time live, so you can ask questions. How it will be and when it will be we will tell later

- Alex

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