• New Interval Missions

This week we announced two new missions about intervals - "Create Intervals" and "Merge Intervals".

In "Create Intervals" you have to create a list of intervals from a set of ints while in "Merge Intervals" you shall reduce the number of given intervals by merging them, if it is possible.

If you have already solved the missions “Cut Sequence” or “Completely Empty”, you might want to have a look at the published solutions for them to check out the Editor’s Choice Solutions.

What else is going on CheckiO...

Of course, we are still looking for assistance and more ideas for simple missions.You can, for example, check ideas around sub-string missions in this forum-post. Or maybe you’d like to introduce an own idea? Then don’t hesitate to introduce your idea in our forum.

Have you ever been curious about the hardest missions on CheckiO? Then check the following forum post.

Finally, since we are still in “Relax-July” here is the current list of our TOP3 users, which is changing all the time:StefanPochmann, veky and Moff

We are in the last week of “Relax-July” and the winner, as well as the TOP3, will be announced on next Tuesday

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