• What's new in the world of Python


Good day CheckiO users!

The previous week’s missions were: "Train Tracks", "Sort by Extension", and "Words Order". Check out the leaderboard, which should be open if you have solved them, and find out which solution was the best!

    Highlights from the world of Python:
  • Check out the possibilities of systems programming with bash and Python 3. You'll find quite a deliberate reasoning and many interesting examples, like writing  a bash implementation of the head command, and then comparing how it could be written in Python.
  • The objective is very often to write understandable and concise Python code. That's why it might be quite useful for you to go though the first part of a series on Python refactorings. It's based on those that can be done automatically by Sourcery. You'll be able to find out not only how to make these changes, but also why they are good ideas.
  • As some of you might already know, Python 3.9 is scheduled for 5th October 2020. But The Shape of Things to Come in Python 3.9 can already be discussed. Go through those interesting features and what can probably make our code cleaner.

The users who’ve made the TOP 3 this month are NigrumAquila--Serial_Sniper--, and loresh. You are doing great, guys! Keep on coding!

Little by little CheckiO is starting to grow and now we have an opportunity to add a new Content-Hero and the Mission-Creation-Monster into our team part-time. Together we’ll work on CheckiO and Empire of Code. Are you interested? Then fill in this simple form so we could find out a little bit more about you and how we can get in touch.

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